IT People with Passion


Company Profile

Our goal is to provide corporate-level IT systems and friendly IT support to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Make A Site is a privately owned company, situated in Noordheuwel Krugerdsorp Gauteng. Founded in January 2012, the company started off offering ‘deep skills’ technical support and consulting to other IT companies or to companies whose own IT departments were overwhelmed or who lacked the technical skills required for specific projects.

As our customer base grew we started taking on more and more SME clients who were struggling to find decent IT support. While this was not our initial business model, we soon found that we could add significant value to those smaller clients.

Unfortunately for many small businesses, the IT landscape is split between large IT companies, of which there are a handful, and the small one-man-band IT support companies. As a result, many smaller businesses report that they feel ignored by the large IT companies, while the smaller operators just don’t have the skills, the technology or the resources to offer a decent level of service.

The result of this split in the IT landscape is that many SME’s don’t have access to the same network management systems and skilled technical support which larger corporates enjoy. This is where Make A Site comes in. With our significant investment in network management and automation systems, our highly developed skills base and our wealth of technical experience, we are able to offer our customers the kind of IT management and support that only the largest corporate companies previously had access to.